how can i support the bob charities: SARSAS & THE BOB FAMILY?

There are loads of ways you can help us raise funds for these ace charities! Head over to our Support page to find out more.

i'm in one of the bands. Do I have to pay to get into the night

I’m playing?

No. That would be mental.

Can my partner / mate / nan get in for free?

No. No, they cannot. We're sure they’re lovely and we swear we’re not being tight - even the BOB organisers are paying to get in. And we’ll be working.

I'm in one of the bands and want to come to all of BOB. Do I have to buy a full week pass at full price?

Nope. Because we want you guys to stick around and hang with us when you're not playing, we’ve given all band members a discount code for full week passes. Check your emails or drop us a message if you can't find this.

We’re touring so are only around for one night other than what we’re playing. Can we come to a BOB show?

Sure thing – we’d love for you to stick around. You can take advantage of day tickets for each night whilst there is availability.

Can I share my discount code with my partner / mate / nan?

Oh my god please stop. These discounts are a little gift to you from the BOB family. We’re totally not for profit and this year we're faced with some significant costs (many of which are up front expenses) so please PLEEEEEASE don’t take the piss. Each discount code is capped at the number of band members playing on your night, so if you won’t do it for us or for BOB, do it for your fellow band member. And if you won’t do it for them, do it because we can see your name, the discount you’ve used and the type of ticket you’ve bought on the bloody purchase receipt.

Can my nan buy a day ticket for Thursday or Friday because she has knitting club on Saturdays and on Sundays she goes to church?Sorry Vera, day tickets for Thursday and Friday are currently only available to band members as we have a super teeny tiny capacity on these nights. If we don’t sell out, there will be tickets on the door though. We’ll be sharing updates on ticket availability as we get closer and closer to BOB.

When does my Band discount code expire?

It doesn’t, but once we open up general release of tickets on 25th January, if we sell out, we can’t guarantee you access to any other nights. So get a move on innit.

will you post me my ticket?

No we won’t but you can collect it at the ticket exchanges / on the door of the relevant venue for that day's show.

WHAT are the age limits for attending bob?

We're proud to say that punks of all ages are welcome at BOB! There are a couple of caveats on this... At Moles, all under 16s must be accompanied and anyone under 18 will need to leave at 11pm. At Bath City Football Club, all under 16s must be accompanied and there is no curfew for under 18s.