bob fest 2019 raised £2,000 for SARSAS and the bob family fund.

thank you to everyone who helped make this possible.

Whilst BOB Fest 2019 may be over, we're a restless bunch and we can't sit around waiting for Bremen 2022. We'll be keeping our fundraising efforts going. Watch this space for more information on the how, what and when. 


SARSAS is a phenomenal organisation that provides support to cis-gendered and non-binary survivors of sexual assault and abuse, helping them overcome their trauma through counselling, therapy and specialist support as required.

Like SARSAS, the BOB Family believes survivors and we believe in the work they do to change wider social attitudes and provide strength in our most dark and difficult times. 

the bob family

The BOB Family is a global community, but when we refer to it as a charitable organisation, we mean specific members of the BOB Family in need. This year, it includes Steve Chinn. 

Just after Oakland BOB in 2005 family member and local musician, skateboarder and self employed screen printer, Steve Chinn, suffered a stroke and subarachnoid haemorrhage which resulted in devastating and permanent brain injury. After lengthy periods of hospitalisation and intrusive surgery, Steve is able to enjoy a quality of life with home health care and friendly visitors, but he is not able to work or engage in the activities he has always loved like skating, drumming or playing guitar. The BOB Family contribute money to allow him to get ongoing massage and therapy in his home which his medical insurance does not pay for. These funds also go towards the little extras that help him maintain his home and garden. 

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a special thank you to our partners & sponsors

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