the bob family

Growing globally since 1995

Once upon a time, in a city buried deep in the heart of Somerset, a rawkus bunch of musicians and artists were gathered in a little pub on the outskirts of town. Each called a different corner of the globe home, but all were drawn here today - to Bath in the year of no Lord 1995 - to reunite with friends made during travels and tours and see each other’s bands play.


The international reunion that followed went by in a haze of cloudy cider and noisy punk rock. And then all returned home, wondering when they would meet again. A year passed, and with the pain of their crippling hangovers now long forgotten, it seemed like the perfect time for another get together.


Bath’s usual suspects of punk rock shared the stage with friends and bands from Oakland (US) and Bremen (Germany) in what was now Bath’s second punk festival. If the legend is to be believed, it was here that an unknown hero made an exclamation that would change the course of things to come...


'it's bob! can't you see?!’


And thus, BOB was born; thrust into the world in a haze of cider and carried forth by friendships forged in the burning fire of a Kuemerling shot.


Over the years to follow, BOB Fest fast became the best way to keep in touch with far-flung friends in a time long before the internet. And it grew from a fledgling festival of music into a wider showcase of art, spoken word and the many other talents of the growing BOB family. But outside of the BOB bubble, all was not well. International forces conspired to threaten the family that was now meeting annually, rotating between the three cities of Bath, Oakland and Bremen... Travel costs began to soar, music venues were closing at a rate of knots and those left hiked their prices.


bob was forced to diy or die


The annual gathering was no longer feasible, so it became a less frequent bi-annual reunion. To lighten the burden of growing costs, all profits would be donated to the next host city, ensuring its future survival. But it was also the BOB Family in need of support. A number of friends required medical care that wasn’t covered by their insurance. It meant they were left crippled with bills and the BOB Family couldn’t stand by doing nothing. Always not-for-profit, BOB now began fundraising for the BOB Family Fund…


Now in our 23rd year and with a bigger BOB family than ever, our story isn’t over yet. The 2019 instalment saw BOB come home to Bath, where more than a century before, another infamous beast was also born... Here, the epicly badass Mary Shelley penned much of the world-famous novel that gave life to Frankenstein’s monster. Just like the Creature, BOB is also the sum of its parts. We are only here because of the people that make up the BOB family. And by virtue of attending one of our shows, buying some merch or donating to our charities, you’re a part of BOB now too.


welcome to the family


BOB to me is really a family! I have got so close to BOB family that I hate them as much as my blood family!


—  Sam, schiesse minelli